The Fish Fox Boys (Series)


The Fish Fox Boys: Part One

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Fred and Adam, two knucklehead boy geniuses, bumble through a post-apocalyptic world in the search for a fabled “Computer.” Instead of relying on their wits, they survive through their preternatural ability to invent gadgets, their appalling appetite for barbecued pork sandwiches, and the generosity of some new friends. Will the Fish Fox Boys ever find what they’re looking for? Will their sister Anne ever forgive them for blowing up the neighbor’s cow? Will they ever learn not to trust mutant animals? Maybe. The Fish Fox Boys are too busy working on their new invention to care. Now who wants a cold jar of strawberry juice?

The Fish Fox Boys: Part Two

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The Fish Fox Boys were enjoying the easy life in a quiet coastal village. That was before the giant jelly fish came, before Fred was captured by pirates, before Roto fell in love, before Adam ran out on the bill of a mermaid¬†restaurant, before… well, before their next adventure began. Wild inventions and gluttonous appetites save the day again in Part Two of The Fish Fox Boys!

The Fish Fox Boys: Part Three (Ballad of the Badger Knights)

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When a competition to grow the best ear of corn strikes our heroes’ interest, calamity ensues in the form of giant mutated bugs. Running from that disaster, Adam and Roto (the world’s last computer) jump in a crappy van with their new bud Ajah and head to Winderton, a place of promised prosperity and excellent food. They find only depravity and a lonely shop filled with old technology, thrusting Roto into a deep depression. Adam and computer historian, Stephanie, make plans for the shop’s restoration while a certain buzz in the air keeps everyone on their toes.

Fred falls in with a minstrel troupe who call themselves the Badger Knights. They’ve come from a far away continent on a mission to find the one and only Badger King– a badger of immense size that has legendary magical powers. But where could such a large badger be hiding?

Meanwhile, Anne seizes the opportunity to be free of the responsibility of her brothers and uses her own reputation as a witch to bring medicinal science to a small town. Things go well until her brothers ruin everything… or was it her own vainglorious ambition this time?


All three are available a single, cheaper compilation.

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