Lesser Evils (Series)


The Lesser Evils series, a collection of novelettes that take place in the dystopian universe established in The Least of 99 Evils. Welcome to the New States of America: Washington DC’s been burned to the ground. The President is elected by a lottery machine. Political parties have turned into street gangs. The coasts have been nuked and the flyover states have been entirely walled-in. Have a nice stay.

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Book #1: Crimson Stain

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Red, a widower and grizzled veteran of the modern age, is tasked with protecting a small rural town in Texas from any and all threats. Joining his night watch is Rory (a clownish drunk), Bev (a hardened sharpshooter and mother of three), and Casey (a teenager and budding psychopath). Their patrol is interrupted by an odious messenger– The Forgiveness, a political party / zealous religious cult known for their cruelty, is heading their way, looking for blood and converts. 

In this bloody neo-western, Red has to prepare his town for the impending massacre. That means he needs to shake hands with shady arms and drug dealers in Dallas, make some home-made napalm, and deal with the ghosts of his past as he bargains with his God for survival. 

Book #2: Burn Card

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Marcy Lopez, a precocious and pragmatically violent Dissent grunt, is tasked to intercept the recently elected President of the New States of America, Cory Koch, while he’s escorted out of Las Vegas by the Servicemen. Marcy has the good fortune of having radio support in the form of Jasper (the engineer of this operation) and Cass ( Marcy’s lover and tactical researcher) as well as an intrepid knowledge of improvised explosives and only half a conscience. When the situation goes haywire, however, Marcy’ll have to navigate Vegas backchannels to keep her mission from imploding. 

This Dystopian-Thriller takes a side-long tour of a diminished Las Vegas as the plot guns along full throttle, exploring the darkened chambers of once palatial casinos, the dinge of bordering dive bars, a war-torn DMV, and the cruelty of Nevada’s unrelenting desert. 

Book #3: No Comply

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With the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation looming over Los Angeles in 1975, only the Hollywood elite and the local riff-raff–too stubborn or poor to move– remain in the city. Squirrel, a recently orphaned 15-year-old, wastes away his days skating around the barren Dream Factory, doing as many drugs as he can get his hands on, and pulling petty heists with his boyfriend, Roddy.

And then Squirrel’s forced on a bus and relocated against his will to Phoenix, Arizona. From there, it’s an adrenaline-and-beer soaked, psychedelic romp through the political landscape of gangs, drifters and well-organized mercenary armies. He’s joined by Nanzia, a fellow “refugee” with a sharp tongue and a world-weary paradigm, and Brix, a Just army grunt tasked with showing Squirrel the ropes.

Squirrel has to choose between his principles and survival time and again. But then he has to ask himself if he has any principles.