Dark Castellan (Series)


Castle of Shadow

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Don’t look in the mirror, Emilia.
Emilia Waterson is the happiest she has ever been. Having been born into poverty, she now lives her dream after a wealthy purveyor of fine jewelry, Robert Littelfield, has asked her to marry him. The couple is on top of the world when their attendance is requested at the manor of Duke Zenborough.
Their weekend takes a tragic turn when Robert becomes deathly ill and Emilia and her newfound friends from the party have no choice but to find refuge in a mysterious castle amidst the woods. There, they will be subjected to horrors unfathomable, as the gravely ill Robert Littelfield has been hiding a dark family secret.
Emilia has a secret of her own and if there’s any chance of escaping this nightmarish prison, she’ll have to confront the darkness within her.
This is a classical piece of horror with elements of dark fantasy for fans of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the works of HP Lovecraft that draws you in slowly before careening into a blood-curdling marathon through hell.

Castle of Blood

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Henri should have never opened that letter.
1903– there have been reports of mutilated swine and bovine in the southeast rural region of France.

Henri Le Brun, a former investigator, is harassed out of retirement to look into the matter, cynical of the ritualistic nature of the sacrifices. Ominous powers are at play in the rural community of Picon. There are rumors that a vampyr runs amok in the countryside. Paranoia blooms on every property as occultish arson and human sacrifice soon accompany the crucified hogs.

Along his journey, he meets the Russian-American Ulysses Malevich, a former frontiersman-turned-treasure-seeker who now searches for Carmelia, the unkillable ghost-witch who now stalks Henri’s mirrors.

To investigate such vile acts of violence and desecration, Henri must inundate himself in the realm of unnatural evil. Will he walk away from the affair or will the temptation of the vampyr’s bite be too great?

And is he willing to summon the Dark Castellan and walk the haunted halls of the mysterious citadel in order to accomplish his goals?

This is a gothic horror mystery novel written in the style of classical prose for fans of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and HP Lovecraft’s pantheonic ouvre.

Castle of Ages

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Ulysses follows the errant vampyr Elbridge back in time to 1503 in the search for cosmic justice. The half-demon and twin queen of mirrors, Carmelia, joins him but her powers have been diminished by the Perseune Glass. In order to find the Castellan’s Eidolon before Elbridge does, together they must investigate the growing fanaticism of a Christian sect devoted to Lazarus and the dark art of revivification, seeking help from Carmilla’s witches of the time and partaking in some unsavory rituals.