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The Least of 99 Evils

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My fellow Americans, In case you were unaware, Washington D.C. was razed to the ground in 1974 and our President summarily executed. There was mania anCOVER1d violence in the streets before we found a solution– a lottery-based electoral system to maintain order. I was the first President of the New States of America, Clyde O’Brien– former blues musician, failed writer, current Shakespeare enthusiast. My more recent accomplishments include establishing a prison state and stooging as a Machiavellian figure for the powers that be.

30 years later and things are still out of hand. The political parties are factionalized into roughly 100 different teams squaring off against each other like petty gangs. I’ll be your guide as we take a voyeuristic journey alongside Riley Owen, a member of the Dissent, who escapes the Inner Circle. We’ll also meet Clay, who learns of the Rat King philosophy of the Scum from his nihilistic new friend, Carly. And don’t think I forgot about Reeve and Xavier, a couple of unfortunate Frontmen grunts who always seem to get stuck with the worst missions possible. Strap in for a wild ride through an America you’ve never seen before. And if you want a little advice from a guy who knows what he’s talking about? Stay away from the unaligned and the Forgiveness.


This is a dystopian thriller with flourishes of horror and biting political satire. The hyper-violence portrayed in this novel is not suitable for all audiences, but readers with a strong stomach and a penchant for “Vonnegutian” humor will feel right at home– so long as they can keep up with the breakneck speed of the plot.


ffb1_cover The Fish Fox Boys

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A children’s book about the apocalypse.

Fred and Adam, two knucklehead boy geniuses, bumble through a post-apocalyptic world in the search for a fabled “Computer.” Instead of relying on their wits, they survive through their preternatural ability to invent gadgets, their appalling appetite for barbecued pork sandwiches, and the generosity of some new friends. Will the Fish Fox Boys ever find what they’re looking for? Will their sister Anne ever forgive them for blowing up the neighbor’s cow? Will they ever learn not to trust mutant animals? Maybe. The Fish Fox Boys are too busy working on their new invention to care. Now who wants a cold jar of strawberry juice?


Muddy Sunset

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A noir detective novella.

St. Louis, 1955. Roy DeLon is hired to drag a man’s name through the mud. He doesn’t have a problem with that. Roy’s got a problem with the string of untimely deaths that occur after he comes to town. The police aren’t doing what they’re supposed to and sleazy business owners are eager for ol’ Roy to leave their fair city.
It’s a rough game, this PI business, but Roy knew that going in.