Book Release: Fish Fox Boys Part Two

Book Release: Fish Fox Boys Part Two

A little over two years ago I published a dumb book based on me and my siblings with the fragile conceit of “What if we were idiot-savant inventors wandering a post-nuclear wasteland?” It was a funny idea to me. I wrote the book and threw it online, not expecting much. Turns out people got a kick from it. The book dealt with philosophical and societal issues in such an innocent and flippantly cartoonish way that readers of all ages could engage with– among other things– the lunacy of consumerism, the awkward subtext of Puritan sexual pageantry, meta-literary commentary on plot devices, and existential futility.

But The Fish Fox Boys’s defining characteristic was its heart. The love expressed in that book is genuine. It damn well should be– those are my siblings and my friends we’re talking about here. And the overwhelming response I got from the book was that the love and goodwill expressed between the characters blotted out the bleak apocalypse surrounding them. So much so that I’ve had readers tell me that they wished the book was longer so that they could inhabit that world just a little longer.

So, with that in mind, here’s the followup. We find these characters in different circumstances. I didn’t want to try and recapture the magic of the initial episode, I wanted these characters to make new trouble, make new friends, blow up some more animals, and express real, new-found gratitude for the messed up world that they live in.

This one’s slightly punchier. I feel like it’s slightly darker than its predecessor. I also feel like it’s slightly funnier. I feel like more philosophical and societal issues were explored– and no less cartoonishly than last time. I feel like more emotive ground has been covered– specifically the emotions that behind one’s choices in life.

And I feel like fart jokes are still funny.

So, allow me to present The Fish Fox Boys: Part Two, a book about separated siblings, the freedom of piracy, a horny computer, and mermaid communism.

Now available in eBook on Amazon and Smashwords.